Come Back to Me, ???

Inspired by Jeremiah 30:14-16

Where have your allies gone?
For your defeat has left you all alone.
It was your sins that led to your defeat.
You were so proud and arrogant that you cast away God in your homes, schools, and governance.

Why cry? Why blame?
You have caused your own destruction.
You stripped off your armor when you removed my Word from your hearts.
Your faith has lied elsewhere for a long time.

I have been waiting and hoping that you’d come back.
In vain, you could not hear nor see me.
Instead, you carried your atrocities systematically on the helpless, the innocent, the young, and the unborn.
You killed me many times over.

Come back to me.
Rest your hearts in my Word.
And I will deliver you from your enemies and defeat.
Your destruction shall be their destruction, and your defeat shall be theirs.

Jeremiah 30:14-16 (KJV)

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