Let Us Pray for One Another

Let us pray for one another and give thanks to YHWH, our God

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  • We thank you Oh Father for the successful operation of my friend. Continue to heal her and continue to protect her. In Jesus' name. Amen.

  • Thank you Father for the successful operation and fast recovery for that friend who had a brain tumor.

  • Thank you Father for continuously providing our needs despite these hard times. Praise you YHWH, my God.

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    Please pray that those who will benefit from the weekly Bible study to sign up relate4ever.com/
  • Please pray with me for my very good friend's son whose lung is punctured/collapsed.

    Father in heaven, I pray that healing and fast recovery may happen to him. May the whole family witness your love, your care, and your healing... This we ask through Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Our God is Love.
  • Freedom from the bondage of indebtedness
  • Please pray with me for a close friend who has a brain tumor. May YHWH, our God, heal this friend.
  • We pray that the believers will find strength and courage during these times. We also pray that we may have the wisdom to listen and obey God's guidance, especially during these troubled times. Amen.