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Get our dose of Bible passages or Bible verses to reflect on.

As much as you need food for your physical body, the Word of God is the food for both soul and body. Therefore feed as much as you can.

Shalom101’s Bible verse of the day would normally have the following:

  • A Bible passage (Bible verse or Bible verses) to meditate or reflect on.
  • A prayer when you hardly feel like getting into your own prayer.
  • A challenge or a task for you to do, for faith, is an act of your belief.
  • At times, we will be adding a link for further reading. Though this is optional, we would like to encourage you to read.

At times, we will be adding a link for further reading. Though this is optional, we would like to encourage you to read.

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I hope that we can all grow together in our faith.

Passage 6

Take heed to the Word of God so you can cleanse yourself. The Bible verse of the Day is taken from Psalms 119:9.

Passage 7

Thy word have i hid in my heart so I might not sin is taken from Psalms 119:11 for our Bible verse of the day in

Passage 8

The Word of God Is health to our flesh and Life unto those who find them. Enjoy our Bible verse of the day challenge.

Passage 9

God’s word can heal diseases. This is a very good Bible verse to reflect on especially when you feel tired or sick.

Passage 10

When you feel like living life in a dryland, know that God can turn it into a spring.

Passage 11

The Bible verse of the day taken from John 15:3. We can be made clean through the Word of God. God’s word is divine or holy.

Passage 12

The Bible verse of the day is about the Word of God, which is Truth. This Day 12 of Our Bible Verse Challenge. Prepared by

Passage 13

The Bible verse of the day is about the Word of God which can build you up and give you an inheritance. Prepared by

Passage 14

The Bible verse of the day reminds us that if we love God and Yeshua (Jesus), then we should keep His commandments.

Passage 15

We are all God’s children when we hear the Word of God, keep it, and apply it in our lives.

Passage 16

Day 16 speaks to us in how the Love of God can be perfected in us. Read the Bible verse and take the challenge of the day.

Passage 17

Keeping the Word of God entitles us to become partakers of the nature of God securing us from the corruption of this world.

Passage 18: The Wages of Sin

Our Bible verse of the day is about God’s free gift, which is eternal life; and sin deprives us from that enternal life, as sin is death.

Passage 19

Do we give God the due glory, honour, and power in our life? Read the Bible verse of the day and take our challenge.

Passage 20

Our Bible verse of the day is to remind us that we all have sinned, and that we all fall short from the glory of God.

Passage 21

This verse shows us what sins men committed during the beginning of time. In fact, it seems that men never have truly learned from it.

Passage 38: Our Citizenship Is In Heaven

20 But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.

Passage 52: Stop Anger as It Leads to Evil

As far as I know, everyone has been angry at one point in time.
There are times when we can easily brush off anger.
There are also times when we tend to hold to anger, especially when we know we are right and someone has done wrong to us.

Passage 64: No One Can Buy or Sell Unless He Has the Mark

Are we now living in the time of the first beast? Or in the time of the second beast? Again, what does the dragon stands for? We know that the dragon is the enemy. It is the representation of Satan or the Devil. Yet, what could be the physical appearance of the dragon in our world? Is it a literal dragon? Or is it a symbol? Is it a secret society, a group, a party, a person, an idea, or a religion?

Passage 68: The Blessing of the Lord Is What Makes People Rich, and He Doesn’t Mix Sorrow with It

I was hesitant to write about it because I knew many people are suffering in poverty these days. I could see them just a walk away from where I live. Though I know I am blessed and very fortunate, I could not even consider myself rich or wealthy. I, too, have my fair share of financial struggles and challenges both in business and personal life. Yet, again, I am truly blessed.

Passage 70: Gain More by Letting Go

In business, we earn more by letting go of our money. We can call it an investment. But, we can also gain more by letting go of our hurts and pride. We can call this peace of mind. Money can’t buy it.

Passage 71: Are You Stuck in a Situation Where You Think You Couldn’t Get Out?

Have you been questioning your current situation, that no matter what you do, it seems you are stuck in it? That no matter how you work, you’re still in debt? That no matter how you love and understand, you still face infidelity or pain in relationships? That no matter how you exercise and diet, you still feel ill? In the end, you feel like you hit bottom, and there is no way out for you.

Passage 83: God Has Never Given Up on Humanity, but Have We?

God’s miracles happen every moment. For the unbelievers, they call them science or coincidences. For many who believe in God, He works in mysterious ways: mysterious but not unknown; supernatural, but not a secret; strange, but not unusual. Most of all, God’s timing is the best.

Passage 85: The Right to Become Children of God in the Scripture

It is but natural that when we don’t receive Jesus in our lives, we walk on our own with the bit of light from the lamp we have. Who knows when this could last? Self-confidence is admirable, but it won’t get you that far. Jesus, who is the true light, can give light to everyone. This light is eternal, and you will never be on your own. The children of God do not walking in darkness.