The Three Traps

In the intricate maze of life’s journey,

Where souls wander in search of God,

Beware, dear traveler, of traps that lie ahead,

Three snares that lead us away from God’s thread.

The first, surfeiting so cunningly concealed,

Excessive indulgence, desire unrevealed.

Be not ensnared by earthly possessions and wealth,

For they divert our hearts from spiritual health.

Drunkenness, the second perilous guise,

Inebriation numbing our discerning eyes.

Not just in liquor’s grasp do we fall astray,

But in distractions that cloud our true way.

And lastly, the cares of this life unfold,

Anxieties and worries that take firm hold.

Though worldly concerns may seem vital and real,

They veil the purity through which God reveals.

Yet fear not, for these snares can be undone,

By seeking solace in God’s only begotten son.

Through prayer and fasting, steadfast and deep

We find a path where eternal promises seep.

So let us beware of these traps most dire,

Let wisdom guide us away from their mire.

Realign our souls with faith as our shield,

And move closer to God across every field.

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