The Three (3) Types of Miracles in Life


Good day. May YHWH, our God, bless you.

There are three (3) types of miracles in life:

  1. the supernatural phenomena,
  2. the coincidences, and
  3. You.

Supernatural Phenomena

One of the most spectacular miracles in the Bible is when Moses parted the Red Sea. The climactic story plays out when the Israelites escaped from slavery in Egypt. Desperately trapped between the Red Sea and the pharaoh’s pursuing army, the Israelites witness the deliverance of God. The Red Sea miraculously parted and cleared a dry path for the Israelites to pass through the sea. The story continued when God swept away the Egyptian army into the sea once the people are safe on the other side. Through this epic miracle, God reveals his supreme power over all things.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of being supernatural, you might not believe it to happen, like most people. That is unless you witness the miracle yourself.

Supernatural phenomena are happening as we speak. The universe is full of them in every instance.

We rarely notice these supernatural phenomena and usually disregard them. Not all supernatural phenomena are climactic. Yet, they are discoverable if we’d look for them. 


Most of the time, miracles happen this way. 

Let me give you some concrete examples:

Does God answer prayers?

When I was in my late 20s, I prayed to God to grant me the life partner I can love and grow old with. I recalled telling God how my late-grandmother cared for my grandfather and her children and how I wanted to marry someone like that. Years later, I met Jhe. After eight months of dating, we got married.

I should say she is the best match for me. Neither one of us is perfect, yet we are perfect for each other.

Now, here is the gist: I know that God answered my prayer. And He left me a footprint to follow. Both my wife and my grandmother were born on November 4. Coincidence? 

What is the probability of meeting and marrying someone whose birthday is that of my grandmother? 

Do dreams come from God?

When I was about 13-15 years old, I told my best friend my dream of earning from home. There was no Internet during that time. The means of communication for most people were either through telegrams, landline telephones, or walkie-talkies (a handheld, portable, two-way radio transceiver).

My parents owned a bakery at that time, serving the locals in our vicinity. It was about 350 meters away from our home, approximately a 5-minute walk. I saw how convenient it was to run a business very close to home.

With that in mind, I went further in dreaming of a business at home. I did not have an idea of what the business would be. I just knew I wanted to earn a living at home, not a walk away from home.

At present, since 2007, I’ve been very blessed to earn my living at home as an SEO specialist and digital marketer. This situation is just where I’ve always wanted to be, at home with my family.

There are many more coincidences I can think of in my life. I should admit I even forgot many of them as they happen quite naturally. I am sure you, too, have your fair share of coincidences.

When they happen too often, are coincidences no longer chances but miracles?


Let us go over the previous types of miracles before jumping into the third type of miracle. That is you.

We rarely witness what we consider supernatural phenomena. We usually fail to see that creation is full of these miracles, no matter how evident.

If asked whether you’ve witnessed this type of miracle in your lifetime, your answer might be: rarely, perhaps, or once.

Life is full of coincidences. We don’t take them as miracles brushing them off most of the time. 

If asked whether you’ve witnessed this type of miracle in your lifetime, your answer might be: sometimes, occasionally, or many times.

The last type of miracle is you.

If asked whether you’ve witnessed this type of miracle in your lifetime, your answer might probably be: perhapsnot a chance, no way, maybe you but not me, etc.

No one else can sing that same song the way that you can.

No one else can dance and sway that same dance the way that you can.

No one else can bring that smile or share that humor the way that you can.

No one else can care about that same attention the way that you can.

No one else can express that same feeling the way that you can.

No one else can show that love the way that you can.

The chance of you being born the way you are is a miracle. Despite the odds, deep inside, you’d find the reason that you’re a miracle. No one else can take your place. You have a purpose in this life. Only you can contribute to this world the way that you’d be able to.

We have our ups and downs. We all have our swings. We’ve been good, and we’ve been wrong. We’ve been straight, and we’ve also strayed.

We are the way we are because of who we are and how we adapt to complex situations and different external factors: our upbringing, our environment, our growing-up years, our health condition, our handicaps, our talents, our educational background, our beliefs, etc.

Regardless of that, we all come out different from each other. Regardless of similarities and pursuits, each one of us comes out differently.

We’ve all been in search of meaning in life. 

We’ve been learning and unlearning. 

We’ve all looked for happiness and fulfillment in so many different ways. 

In the end, we are all just human. And despite all those, you are still unique.

The very same chance that you are reading this to the end proves that something supernatural must have happened to make this a coincidence for you

Indeed, you are a miracle to me.

Which miracle haven’t you experienced in life? Could you leave me feedback?

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