The Silent Warrior: Be a Prayer Warrior

As we prepare for the kingdom of God, the enemy has waged a spiritual war, and it is non-stop. Until our messiah Jesus comes back, each Christian has a role in preparing for God’s kingdom here on earth.

As the battles continue, some take the role of preachers (artillery). Others as healers (medics). And some others as prayer warriors (snipers).

These prayer warriors are the silent warriors, the silent operatives. Don’t you take them for granted; every prayer counts to save souls. Every specific petition and intention is like a target on this warrior’s cross-hairs.

Like snipers, they are often not so visible, hiding behind the shadows. Yet observing silently and aiming patiently, these silent warriors have saved countless souls and lives. And I am one of those saved.

My brother/sister in Christ, each one of us is a soldier of Jesus Christ. We are not civilians in this war, and we cannot afford to be caught up in the crossfires. So what is your role as a Christian? If you aren’t sure, I invite you to become one of Christ’s prayer warriors.

If you accept, I will be sending you prayer requests each week for your target. And in return invite you to send any prayer request that we can send to other silent warriors.

The silent warrior is a prayer warrior. Shalom101

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