The Path of the Just Is as the Shining Light

Good day to you.  

May you find peace and hope as you read this post.

If we have faith, the path of the just is like the shining light because that light is Jesus. So I pray that we can never forget that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, especially when we are on the road less traveled.

Many have dreamt of walking the just path when they are young, but many go astray.

As they mature, they try to justify their wickedness and corruption. You can hear these people say: it is for the sake of supporting the family; it is for the good and equality of all, or this is for the love of the country. These alibis become the cornerstone of corruption and wickedness.

Many times, especially in these dark times, the path of the just is burdened with controversy and challenges. 

If you do what is rightfair, and honest — the world attacks you from all fronts. The path of the just is narrow, while the road to destruction is wide. But destruction may only happen in the end. 

This just path can be lonely and sad.  Filled with controversies and pain, these can be your unwelcomed companion for a time. Yet there would never be a dull moment on this road less traveled.

You’d hear songs you would not have heard before from nature. You’d find friends from creatures you hardly know. You’d feel the breeze to comfort you.

You’d soon discover the peace which roots deep in your soul. And as you continue the journey, you’d know that you were never alone. You’d find meaning in what you do and fulfillment in your chosen life.

The path of the just is a calling.

Somewhere along the way, you’d realize that you indeed answered the call. But unfortunately, so many are called to the just path; only a few have chosen to take the way.

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Thanksgiving and prayer intentions:

We want to thank YHWH, our God, for answering our prayers.

We’ve asked you to pray with us for a real estate broker weeks ago, about March 4-10. We are happy to inform you that she got the Real Estate Consultancy license. We received the message from her to thank every one of your prayers.

We pray to our God, YHWH, for peace across the world. Unfortunately, ordinary people are always at a loss during times of war and chaos.

I want to pray for someone undergoing a new online business venture. May he find peace and success without sacrificing health and relationship within his family and circle.

I also would like to pray for someone about to retire from his day job and who plans to venture into an eCommerce store to prepare for it. May he be guided by YHWH, our God. May he find peace, fulfillment, and success in this endeavor.

You can send your prayer request here or via email.

I invite you to become one of Christ’s silent warriors. I will be sending you prayer requests each week. And in return, we ask you to send any prayer requests that we can share with other silent warriors.

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