The Lost Sheep

Outline with Details from 119 Ministries

2 Kingdoms

  • Northern Kingdom – House of Israel
  • Southern Kingdom – House of Judah

Bible Passages

  • Abraham promised numerous descendants. Gen 22:17-18
  • Isaac promised numerous descendants. Gen 26:4-5
  • Jacob promised numerous descendants. Gen 28:13-15
  • Jacob becomes Israel. Gen 35:10
  • Ephraim receives the blessing. Gen 48:
  • Ephraim to become a multitude of nations. Gen 48:19
    • Melo Ha’ Goyim = fullness of the nations
    • Gentile = “of the nations” or “not of the one nation – Israel”
  • Israelites in Goshen, and greatly increased. Gen 47:27
  • Israelites enslaved in Egypt. Ex 1:8-11
  • Israelites left Egypt after 430 years. Ex 12:41
  • Israelites of 1st generation will not see the land. Num 14:20-23

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Covenant at Horeb

  • given to 1st generation which bring blessings or curses pending obedience or disobedience to the Law.

Covenant at Moab

  • given to 2nd generation
  • The righteous Law set before the nation (Israel). Deut 4:7-8
  • If disobedient, will be scattered. Deut 4:25-27
  • If obedient, will be high above all nations. Deut 28:1-2
  • If disobedient, then curses. Deut 28:15
  • Terms of Covenant of Moab in addition to Covenant of Horeb. Deut 29:1
  • If disobedient, will become scattered and will worship other gods. Deut 28:36-37
  • If Israelites return to God with all their heart and soul, then fortunes will be restored and people will be regathered. Will be brought back to the land. Deut 30:1-5

Is it impossible to follow the commands of God?

  • No, Deut 30:11-14.
  • Also, quoted by Paul in Rom 10.

Who is the new covenant (Covenant at Moab) given to?

  • Given to the 2nd generation and all generations who would come after them. Deut 29:14-15

Kings of Israel

  • Saul
  • David
  • Solomon

All three rule over all 12 tribes. Solomon begins worshipping other gods. 1 Kings 11

Kingdom split because Solomon led them to worship other gods. Jeroboam given 10 tribes. 1 Kings 11:31-33

Jeroboam from the tribe of Ephraim. 1 Kings 11:26

The split:

Northern Kingdom
  • 10 tribes that left with Jeroboam.
  • Also called:
    • “House of Israel”
    • “House of Joseph”
    • “Ephraim”.
Southern Kingdom
  • “House of Judah”
  • 2 Tribes: Judah and Benjamin 1 Kings 12:21
  • God no longer called them His people. Hos 1:9
  • 721 BC Assyria conquers Samaria, capital of Israel (North). 2 Kings 17:6
  • Priest sent to Samaria to teach Israel the ways of the Lord. 2 Kings 17:28-29
  • However, they persist in their former practices. 2 Kings 17:34
  • Since they ignored God, they will be driven to an unknown nation and they will worship other gods. Deut 28:36-37
  • Within 65 years, Ephraim is too shattered to be a people. Is 7:8
  • God divorced Israel, the Northern Kingdom. Judah did not learn the lesson from Israel. They followed the Northern Kingdom’s ways. Jer 3:8
  • God removed Israel from His presence yet Judah followed the practices Israel had introduced anyway. 2 Kings 17:18-19
Prophecy concerning Judah
  • Time will come when everything will be carried off to Babylon. 2 Kings 20:17
  • Because of Lord’s anger, He thrust Judah from His presence. 2 Kings 24:20
  • 586 BC Judah taken captive to Babylon and temple destroyed. 2 Kings 25
  • Captivity would last 70 years. Dan 9:2
  • When 70 years are completed, God will bring His people back. Jer 29:10
  • The return of the people. Ezra 4:1-3
  • Because the Southern Kingdom returned to the land, the Jews are in the land of Israel today. “Jew”=Judah=land of Judah=Judea
  • Sabbath day was desecrated. Neh 13:15-19
  • “Fences” were added to God’s Law. Began equating man’s law with God’s.
  • Do not add to or take away. Deut 4:2, Deut 12:32
  • Yeshua rebuked the Pharisees of their traditions (man’s law). Mark 7:8-9
  • Since the Northern Kingdom never returned, they became known as the lost sheep. Jer 50:6, Ezek 34:6,
  • God will rescue the sheep. Ezek 34:11-12
How can God rescue the sheep if He divorced them (Jer3:8)?
  • His own Law states: First husband, who divorces wife, is not allowed to marry her again. Deut 24:4
  • God will tend the sheep. Ezek 34:15
  • God will bring together the remnant of Israel. Mic 2:12
  • The only way God can be released to remarry is through death (the mystery of the Gospel).
  • Married woman is bound to her husband as long as he is alive, but if husband dies, she is released from the law of marriage. Rom 7:2
  • Wife is bound by law as long as her husband lives, but if he dies she is at liberty to be married to whom she wishes. 1 Corin 7:39
  • Paul is referring to laws of marriage in Deut 24.
  • Old self is crucified so we are no longer slaves to sin. Anyone who has died has been freed from sin. Rom 6:5-7
  • Christ died so the lost sheep could come back and be remarried to God.
  • 1st born
    • Ishmael
    • Esau
    • Manasseh
    • Adam
  • 2nd born
    • Isaac
    • Jacob
    • Ephraim
    • Yeshua
      • 1 Corin 15:45
  • Yeshua was only sent for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Matt 15:24
  • Prophets could not understand the mystery of the Gospel. Matt 13:17
  • Mystery revealed and made known to Paul. Rom 16:25-27, Eph 3:1-3 and 6-9, Eph 6:19, Col 1:25-27
  • Yeshua did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill the mystery. Matt 5:17
  • The new covenant that Christ established was to put the Law in our hearts. Jer 31:31-33, Ezek 36:26-28
  • The covenants of Horeb, Moab, and Christ never did away with the Law. They are based on the Law. Blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. It is an everlasting covenant. Ps 103:17-18, Is 24:5
  • Jews living in other nations. John 7:35
  • Jews in Jerusalem for Shavuot from other nations. Acts 2:5
  • Promise is for those who are far o . Acts 3:29
  • Your brothers who are your blood relatives and the whole House of Israel are those who are far o . Ezek 11:15
  • Some people from the Northern Kingdom did not forget who they were, such as Anna. Luke 2:36
  • Yeshua sent the disciples out to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Matt 10:5-6 Scattered people being addressed. 1 Peter 1:1, 1 Peter 1:22-23
  • Chosen people and a holy nation. 1 Peter 2:9
  • Once not a people, now a people of God. 1 Peter 2:10
    • Same language as in Is 7:8 and Hos 1:9
  • James addresses scattered tribes. James 1:1
  • God gave Paul the mystery of reconciliation of the gentiles. 1 Tim 2:7, 2Corin 5:18-20, Rom 5:8-11, Col 1:20
  • Dividing wall of hostility destroyed and hostility put to death. Eph 2:11-16
  • What hostility?
    • Hostility toward God. Lev. 26:21
    • Christ removed the hostility to God through the cross. Col 2:15
  • Isaiah told Southern Kingdom that we all, like sheep, have gone astray. Is 53:6
  • Jews add to, Gentiles take away, in violation of Deut 4:2 and Deut 12:32
  • Sinful mind hostile to God’s Law. Rom 8:6-8
  • Jews and Gentiles stumble over the “stumbling stone.” Did not pursue obedience out of faith. Rom 9:30-32
  • Partial hardening of Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. Rom 11:25
  • All Israel will be saved. Rom 11:26-27
  • Rom 11 is all about the restoration of His kingdom. Northern and Southern, Jew and Gentile. The wild olive tree will be grafted into the cultivated olive tree.
  • Branches of thriving olive tree will be broken. Jer 11:16
  • Two sticks become one, Ephraim and Judah become one. Ezek 37:15-28
  • Whoever does what Abraham did is considered the children of Abraham. John 8:39
  • Abraham obeyed God and kept His requirements, commands, decrees, and laws. Gen 26:4-5
  • Even those who may be actual descendants are not children of Abraham, if they do not obey. John 10:24-27
  • Genealogies do not matter. 1 Tim 1:4
  • Abraham considered righteous for what he did. His faith was made complete by what he did. A person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone. James 2:21-24
  • A mixed multitude left Egypt with Israel. Ex 12:38, Num 11:4
  • Hebrew and alien are to have the same laws and regulations. Num 15:15-16
  • Ruth, a Moabite, declared the God of Israel to be her God. She came into the faith and was obedient to His ways. Ruth 1:16
  • When anyone turns to God, in repentance, the veil is lifted o their heart. It is only taken away in Christ. 2 Corin 3:13-16, Lam 3:65
  • Only in Christ is the kingdom united.
  • The disciples thought Christ was going to restore the kingdom at that time. Acts 1:6-7
  • The kingdom will be revived after two days and restored on the third day. Hos 6:1-2
Are we in the 3rd day?
  • The Southern Kingdom, Judah, held captive for 70 years according to Daniel and Jeremiah.
  • Northern Kingdom should have begun being restored after 390 years, arriving at approximately 331 BC. However, the Northern Kingdom never returned. Ezek 4:1-5
  • The penalty of disobedience is seven times over. Lev 26:14-18
  • Afflictions multiplied seven times over. Lev 26:21
  • Therefore, 390×7=2730, subtract the start of captivity in 721 BC and account for no year 0.
  • Therefore, 2730-721=2009
  • One day equals a thousand years. 2 Peter 3:8
  • Yes, we are in the 3rd day.
  • Deut 30:1-5 was spoken 40 years after Egypt to the 2nd generation.
  • We are in the later days. Deut 4:25-30