Testimony from Sneha Chatterjee – Ballarpur, INDIA

It was a Sunday, the day before my exams when I was a 7th grader. Along with my mom & dad, I used to live in Pondicherry .It was the morning of 3rd April 2005, when it happened. My mother was still lying on her bed trying to wake up. She opened her eyes but somehow her eyes closed again. The pigeons outside the balcony where eagerly waiting for my mother to come out and feed them which she used to do every morning at 6 o’clock and evening at 4.30 PM regularly. There were more than fifty of them whom my mom and I loved very much. Dad had left for Ballarshah for an official work. My mother would always wake up early at six but some unusual force prevented my mother from waking up that day. It was almost 6.30 when my mother had an extra-ordinary vision, which was a real one. She saw an old man with a glow of sky bluish color from his face. On his head was a huge white colored crown with diamonds at the center. She wondered who this person was. His face seemed to be very different. She went near him & touched his face. The man pointed towards a corner and told her to clean it up. But suddenly, somebody called my mother and said that it was getting late and that she had to go. That voice was almost like my father. It was very weird that my mother replied to him saying” Wait…can’t you see…this is a holy man. If he tells me to die, I would be willing to die. Somehow her soul sensed that it was a holy man.

After having seen this strange dream, she woke up at 6.45, which was rather late. She asked to herself “what kind of dream was that? I never saw such an unusual dream before. Weird dream!”

She went into the terrace to feed those sweet little hungry birdies. After that, she was busy the whole day with my studies. But she kept thinking about the dream. Evening at six, she switched on the TV. It was a news channel showing the news of the death of Pope John Paul-2.That was when she saw his face and she recognized him who came in her dreams. It was unbelievable! It was really him! That was when she realized that the corner where God’s idol was kept in our home was a little untidy. That’s what he was saying to her in the dream. The news channel said that he died when it was 6.30 in India. She cried continuously for four hours till it was ten. We both were shocked but glad he came to us. She was very happy that she respected him in the dream even though she didn’t know who he was. It was such a miracle!

From that day onwards she has never ever forgotten to pray to him and keep a flower beside his photo.

That’s when I truly realized that God’s always here watching us. God is here everywhere around us. Right inside us.
From Sneha Chatterjee,