Small Blessings

Is there such thing as small blessings and big blessings?

The way I see it – This is very subjective. What might be small for one might be big for the other. Small or big is relative from one’s person standpoint.

Nevertheless, I believe that being grateful to all these small blessings is a way of opening up more blessings to come into your life. The source of all blessings do not measure how many small blessings or big blessings it has to pour on you.

The source of all blessings only has to pour blessings on you, me, us, and to every living soul in this universe. It is us who gives weight and measurement to all these blessings.

If we only have eyes of a very grateful person, then all blessings are worth more than gold in our hearts. And a grateful heart always attracts for blessings to come.

So small blessings or big blessings, I do not care. I just thank God – the source of all blessings – for all these blessings. They are all blessings.

Have a great day! And may the source of all blessings blessed you abundantly.