Seeking Blessings thru Living an Orderly Life

My uncle once told me that if I want to live a fulfilled life full of blessings. Then I have to see to it that I live an orderly life in my marriage.

  • Orderly life includes how we handle our fiances (not so extravagant and not so hard-up). Balance is very important as what Buddha has been propagating.
  • Orderly life can also mean how I manage my family as a father.
  • Orderly can also mean how I keep my promise of fidelity to my wife as her husband.

So many times we see big names and businessmen fall, and often they fall because one of the three criteria to live an orderly life has been terribly abused.

What would someone get if he has 10 mistresses? An ever flowing list of expenses

If someone gambles excessively? Or drinks immoderately?

I suppose you get my point now why orderly life is very important to have more blessings flowing in our lives.