Psalm 32:8 God’s Assurance

8 “I will instruct and teach you
in this way that you are to go;
I will give you counsel;
my eyes will be watching you.”


Have you experienced waking up in the morning and all you can think of is work?   Well, this happened to me earlier this morning. I was a bit anxious about a certain project that I almost forgot to do my daily routine.  (I presume many others have some sort of routine as well.)

Fortunately, I decided to dismiss the thought and start with my Bible passage reading.   And I’m glad that I did it.

The passage above is very appropriate to what I need for the day.  This is not the first of the many “coincidences” that God speaks to me through Bible passages.   The bible passage is just the assurance that I really need.

Thank you God.  Gadol Elohai.