Proof that Yeshua (Jesus) Is the Mashiach according to

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This post hopes to seek the truth on the Messiah, be it Yeshua (Jesus) or someone else whom God appointed.


Early Rabbis recognized all of these passages as referring to the Messiah.

  • Messiah was to be born at Bethlehem: Micah 5:2 (Micah 5:1 in Hebrew Bible)
  • Messiah would be from the tribe of Judah: Genesis 49:10
  • Messiah would present himself by riding on an ass: Zechariah 9:9
  • Messiah would be tortured to death: Psalm 22:1-31
  • Messiah would arrive before the destruction of the Second Temple: Daniel 9:24-27
  • Messiah’s life would match a particular description, including suffering, silence at his arrest and trial, death and burial in a rich man’s tomb, and resurrection: Isaiah 52:13-53:12

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