Prayer Intercession for You (2022-0318-0325)

Here are our prayer intentions:

  • May our God, YHWH, bless everyone who is affected by the war in Ukraine either directly or indirectly.
  • I would like to ask everyone to pray for all our youths that they may find Christ as their savior and follow the path of LOVE, forgiveness, kindness, and generosity.
  • Let us pray for the wife of Steven Ben-Nun, Jana. I have been following IsaeliNewLIve for years and heard Steven in one of his videos that his wife is having some health issues. May our loving Father, bless them and guide them. And may the healing wonders of our savior, Jesus, manifest in their lives.

You can send your prayer request here or via email.

I invite you to become one of Christ’s silent warriors.  I will be sending you prayer requests each week for your target. And in return invite you to send any prayer request that we can send to other silent warriors.

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