Passage 45: Peace of Mind


According to — chronic stress may cause cancer under prolonged periods of time. And there are quite a good number of doctors these days who would confirm that stress is indeed the catalyst or cause of cancer.

Oftentimes when I am stressed at work, I usually ask myself quite a number of things?

Why am I stressed? Am I stressed because of external factors, or am I stressed because of an inner struggle within me?

Why do I work? Is it because I am passionate about it? Is is because for my family? Is it both?

Is work more important than my peace of mind? Should I allow the pressure in work to affect my personal and family life?

Will taking time to be alone and silent help me out? Will spending time in prayer relieve me from stress? Will listening to God bring back my peace of mind regardless whether or not the pressure at work is still there?

In life, we all have different problems and struggles. In my 46-years of journey in this life, there are perhaps quite of a number of scenarios we can do:

  • Resolve the issue to remove the cause of the stress (and many times this is beyond our control);
  • Allow the stress or pressure to drown us leaving us in a chaotic unfulfilled state;
  • Ignoring stress and the cause of the stress hoping that our luck will change (what are the chances of winning in a lottery? Perhaps denial of the problem can have the same chances.)
  • Accept the stress and the cause of the stress while keeping our peace of mind and gradually doing something to resolve the cause of the stress.

I know, it might be hard to understand why we can have peace of mind while under stress or pressure. In my experience, it can happen when the peace comes from God.

Seek for his peace. Ask YHWH, our God for this peace of mind.

Having this can heal not just your body, yet even your mind and soul.


Spend 15 minutes a day listening and asking God for peace of mind. Just peace of mind and nothing else.


Father in Heaven, I am here today to seek your peace. Please grant me the peace of mind that no other worldly things can fulfill.

Grant me the peace of mind that can heal through my bones and soul.

Grant me the peace of mind that can unite families ones again.

Grant me the peace of mind so that I can pray with your Spirit and by your Spirit.

Father, let me understand that your providence abundant and more than enough; let me experience thy peace to see the wonders that you have bestowed upon me and my family.

This we ask through Jesus Christ, our messiah. Amen.

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