Passage 47: I Have a Place for You

John 14 2


Father in Heaven, grant us faith and hope.

Grant us the trust, that in eternity, we would join you.

Grant us the expectation and the desire to continue this journey, knowing that a room (mansion) is prepared for us in eternity.

This we pray and ask Jesus. Amen.


Just this week, I heard a sad news of someone who took his/her life. The enemy maneuvers subtly to take away our hope and faith in the here-and-now. The enemy may inject that taking one’s own life is the only solution to life’s miseries and challenges.

Faith is trusting God that we are not alone in this fight. Let us not forget that we are in an ongoing spiritual war. Faith is believing in action that we would win this war.

Hope is the expectation of getting our reward in eternity.

As part of God’s kingdom, it is our mission to carry on Jesus’ commandments. Help the needy and cast away demons. And that includes the demons in our lives.


  • Find time to count your blessings no matter how small they are.
  • Let go of worries and anxiety.
  • Nurture your faith and hope in the here-and-now, knowing that in eternity, we join Jesus in our Father’s (God’s) kingdom.

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