Miracles and Blessings

blessings flower
By: Hamed Saber

A video (sorry the video has been removed) on how everyday prayer has empowered someone to survive cancer. And not just survive cancer, prayer empowers a person to live life to the fullest. Prayer can make things happen; things like miracles and blessings.

I am inspired looking at the video because it reminds me of my mom’s healing too.

My mom survived from Cancer too. And I can attribute the healing to no one, but to God himself – the source of all life and good health. But of course, there were people who were used as the healing hand of God.

At that point in time, we had nothing except God – no money, no medical or health insurance. But we had the best of all – complete healing for my mother. Just because we believe in the power of God to heal.

And how did we open up to the healing power of God?

Well – we just surrendered everything to God: our life, our prayer for healing, our everything. Surrendering to God’s will and believing that everything will work according to His dvivine plan – but of course with the hope that God’s divine plan would be for my mom’s healing.