Many Brits are looking to faith during the coronavirus lockdown

New studies are suggesting that a large number of British citizens are turning to faith and religion during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. More and more young people are turning to prayer, with people praying for healthcare and front-line workers, loved ones, and even other countries. In addition, people are attending remote services while social distancing, even those who had never attended services before now. People are saying that their prayers are being answered as well, which is encouraging to religious leaders.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new study has found that more British citizens are focusing on religion during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Young people are praying the most, and people are praying for loved ones, healthcare workers, and other countries.
  • People are also listening to more religious services remotely after the pandemic.

“In the survey of 2,101 UK adults, a quarter said they have watched or listened to a religious service on the radio, live on TV, on demand or streamed online since the lockdown.”

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