Make Our Hearts Like Yours (Sacred Heart of Jesus)

An Original Composition by: Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ
Interpreted by: Nick and Nancy


Eternal Word made Man,/
Immortal love made flesh,
Reveals the depth of God’s love/
by sharing human life and death./
Our sins have wounded You;/
our faults have pierced Your heart. /
Though spurned by pride and hatred,/
You love us unto death./

Chorus: (All)
O Sacred Heart of Jesus,/
O Loving Heart of God/
Call us,/ touch us,/ heal us,/
and make our hearts like Yours./

  1. (All)
    In bearing all our faults,/ embracing all our pains,/
    You pardon our transgressions/ and make us pure and whole again./
    In faithful love till death,/ in humble love divine,/
    You conquer sin and darkness,/ redeem the world You love./ (Chorus)

  2. (ladies-Men)
    Inflame our hearts with love,/ (inflame our hearts with love)
    enkindle through our days,/(enkindle through our days)
    The weary we now comfort,/ the poor and lowly we now raise./
    We consecrate our lives/ (we consecrate our lives)
    to You, O Sacred Heart,(to You, O Sacred Heart)
    We vow to sow Your justice/ and spend Your peace today./ (Chorus 2x)

And make our hearts like Yours