Is God’s blessings always upon us?

In time of financial crisis, we often ask if God’s blessings is still upon us. We begin to wonder if God’s blessings is always upon us. We, human as we are would lose the faith to believe that we are indeed blessed.

We then refuse to see the beauty of the present… the little great miracles of everyday life. And as a consequence lose to hope for a better, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous future.

No matter what… believe in God’s blessings. And without a doubt, blessings are what you are to receive.

All things… and all blessings form to the mind who believes. For the world forms according to the how the mind intends it to see… and speeds up to the heart that feels it.

God’s blessings is always upon us…

There are so many ways to earn… to make money… to receive money and blessings that are far more than money. In fact, the Internet itself has many opportunities for us to make online money.

Are these opportunities not blessings?