Blessing and Curse: Is It Real?

Do you believe in blessing and curse?  Our modern world somehow dictates that, for those who work hard, blessings can come upon him.  And for those who do not work hard, curses can fall on him.

Do you believe in that?


I know of hardworking people who hardly make ends meet.  Do you know of some?

On the other hand, I also know of people whose income, in an hour, is more than the average earner’s monthly pay.


What Do You Consider as Blessing?

Is your money or your financial assets the only gauge for being blessed?

How about your health, do you thank God for being healthy?

How about your relationship with your spouse, is it not a blessing to have a happy and healthy relationship?

Do you find your child (children) as blessing(s)?

I have 6 children; and what a blessing they are to me.  A good mother/father knows what I mean.

The friends who have been with you through thick and thin, are they not blessings as well?


Curse and Blessing: Old Wives’ Tale


I used to believe that there is no such thing as curse.  That God’s only will is to abundantly bless us.  That curse is nothing, but old wives’ tale — but not until I get reminded of Deuteronomy 11:26-28.

Devarim - Deuteronomy 11_ 26-28

Personally, I still believe that it is God’s will to bless us abundantly.  Yes, and I mean abundantly.

When I say blessing, I do not only talk about money or material possessions.

When I say blessing, I talk about the things that really matter to you.  I’m talking about real blessings, real happiness, and fulfillment.  These blessings can lead you to becoming the person you are supposed to be.

I also do not deny that material possessions and financial assets can come as blessings.

Blessings: They Are What Really Matters to You

Sadly, we don’t even know the things that really matter to us — not until we lose them.  But no worry, God knows best.  God knows the things (the blessings) that really matter to us.  Yet often times, we just don’t know their value yet — (again) not until we lose them.

We sometimes think, if not always, that money is the most important thing to us.  Yet we know for a fact,  that money can also be the cause of our unhappiness, shame, regret, and broken relationships.

Let us remember, that money is just a multiplier.  It brings out and multiplies our inner state or condition.

If you are happy within, when you have money, the more you can be happy.

If you are sad and suicidal, when you have money, the more you can be unhappy.  Money, as a multiplier, can also bring you to your slow or quick death — depending on the vice you are in.

Who Can Brought About Blessing and Curse to Ourselves

We are either blessed or cursed by the actions that we do — but know that it is God’s intention to fully blessed us.

The shame that brought about Adam and Even of their nakedness was because of their doing.  The blessings that they had in the Garden of Eden was of God’s.

So in other words, God’s blessings are always there for us to receive and enjoy.  But it is because of actions that we remove ourselves away from the blessings.  That is just how things work — not because God is cursing us.   It is simply because it is how it is — just like the law of nature.

In other words, it is our actions that brought us to where we are now —  either because of our good deeds or because of our sins.

What Is Sin?

You may ask: what is sin?

Sin, in simple words, is that which keep us away from God’s blessings — and it is caused, not by God, but by our will and action.  Sin cuts us from God’s blessings — even though His blessings are still there for us to receive and enjoy.

On the other hand, what brings us back to God’s blessings is forgiveness and repentance.

Furthmore, if you intend to follow and keep God’s commandments, they are not hard.  They are easy because they are intended to bless us and free us from bondage.

This can be the bondage that binds people to sin; the bondage that imprisoned people to guilt; the bondage of indebtedness and lack; the bondage of loneliness and addiction; and the bondage of insecurities and pride.

Again, if you intend to follow and keep God’s commandments, you don’t have to reach for the sky.

Do you know that sabbath is made for man (for us)?  So that we can rest, instead of working during weekends.  God knows we need to rest, and that we are in bondage to working and making money.

To conclude, God loves us and His blessings has always been upon us.

Are we ready to connect with Him again?