Interview with Father Maalachi Martin

  • Became a priest at 33 years old
  • Former Jesuit
  • Former Exorcist: (thousands of minor exorcisms and a couple of hundred major exorcisms)
  • One-time adviser to 3 popes
  • Best-selling author: Hostage to the Devil
  • Member of the Vatican Intelligence Network



Lucifer, Satan, and Demons

  • Lucifer, light bearer of the son of the dawn; rebelled and wanted to be like God.
  • 1/3 of the angels revolted and became the fallen angels or demons.
  • There is a difference between possession and obsession (something like being demonized).
  • The destruction of the person’s soul that must end up in hell is the purpose of demonic possession.
  • Possession is like any addiction that happens slowly getting control or taking over of yourself by a demon intending to possess.  Usually, this is done through deception.  It may not happen instantly and can happen gradually.  This may happen by making a pact with the devil until you are controlled.   The only recourse as we know of is exorcism.
  • The perfectly possessed are those that are completely at peace with the possession.  They are perfectly normal with great businesses.  You can sense them and see them with completely alien look and they breathe an alien nation.  These people passed them with flying colors.  These are those who are comfortable with the pact and deal.  And they passed the 3 rituals:
    • 1) the power of inflicting pain;
    • 2) the power of hating; and
    • 3) the power of burning fire.
  • Possession of the real diabolic kind is generational.  It is passed on by training.  It is a dreadful thing when a good family rear them as satanist. (Hence, the need for family deliverance.  It can be expelled with direct confrontation.)
  • There are set up laws in that realm, though a lot remains a mystery, that needs words or sounds to be heard.
  • You can’t be possessed without knowing it.  You can’t be possessed without your will fully.  Either it is done gradually or slowly until they submit their will.
  • Some cardinals, bishops, and priests do not want to know anything about it.  They want to know less about it and do not want anything to do with it.  They do not believe it; or do not want to meddle with it.


Signs that it will be an antichrist:

  • He will arrive at the time when the world will have an insuprable problems; he will have wise solutions for those problems.
  • The results will be that people will say that you must be god and he will accept that.

The Mystery of Inequity

In the Catholic tradition and scripture, there is what we call the mystery of inequity.  It is a very constant teaching of the bible and religious men that evil is allowed from time to time to dull the senses of the faithful to do crazy mad things.  There is a mental darkness that makes people crazy.

The incidence has been more frequent that before.


Roman Catholic Traditions:

As far as institution goes, the Roman Catholic Church is on a down slope.  2/3 of a billion members are being led into a form of belief which is irreconcilable with the traditional essence and outlook of the Roman Catholic Church for almost 2 millennia.

  • She made compromises on the basic doctrines. Example is the purpose of marriage.  Its purpose is the procreation of children until 1960.  Incidentally married people console and communicate each other in a very special day. But since then it has changed for 2 purposes: 1) the celebration of the love of the parents; 2) procreation of children.
  • The right to be wrong is religious matter is held to be correct.
  • Until 1965, the pope is the head of the church in religious matters.  Now all bishops are held equal.

A good deal has been led into a belief that is not Catholic.