I Am Precious to God: A Blessing I Hardly Can Believe In The Beginning

Do not be afraid

– I will save you.

I have called you by name

– You are mine.

(Isaiah 43)

If I am his, then who and what could be against me?

– Financial burden and mental fatigue? emotional stress and heartaches? the loss of a love one? the betrayal of a lover or a friend? the retrenchment from work? the fall of a business?

When you pass through deep waters,

I will be with you.

Your troubles will not overwhelm you.

When you pass through fire,

you will not be burned;

the hard trials that come will not hurt you.

For I am the Lord your God.

For a moment this may seem overwhelming, but with faith and hope and love… slowly things will begin to unfold at this very moment of what you can do and what you do not have to do.

At this very moment, opportunities will open. Doors will be unlocked and opened – for all the blessings to enter. Even windows are open wide into your heart – for peace of mind and forgiveness and joy to fill your life.

I will give up whole nations to save your life,

Because you are precious to me.

And because I love you and give you honor.

Do not be afraid

– I am with you.

I am precious to God; and it is a blessing I hardly can believe in the beginning. Yet as I try to recall everything that happened to me in my life – from childhood until now that I am married with three sons and one child on its way – I know that I am blessed indeed. I know that  I am precious in God’s sight.

And you are too. It just takes an open heart to know it. Perhaps a 5-minute silence can do to help you. You may sit outside where you have your garden; or just simply stay in your room.

Just empty your mind. Do not think of anything and do not try not to think of anything. Let everything flow and surrender to our dear loving God who is ready to shower you all the blessings you may or not need.

You can start by telling yourself deep in your heart: I love you, I thank you, I am sorry, and I forgive you.

Say these simple yet powerful words when you start and end your five-minute silence.

Do this every day. Not more than a month, wonders will begin to unfold in your life -not because you are rewarded for all these and for all the good things that you do – but it is just simply because we begin to surrender to Him who loves us; and by surrendering and emptying, we open our lives to the blessings that have been there – but which we do not want to see.

Blessings that have been awaiting for us the moment we were born. They were not held away from us as a penalty or reward for being bad or good; every person whether bad or good is blessed with the sunshine and the rain.

It must be because our hearts were not wide open to see and acknowledge them that they are there.

Yes, do not be surprised and do not wait to make yourself SHOCK! You do not have to. We are God’s children; and it is our right to be blessed. So go ahead now and receive all these blessings for you – and only prepared just for YOU!