Passage 49: Having Dinner with Love

Better a vegetable dinner with love than a stall-fattened ox with hate.
Proverbs 15:17


Love, respect, harmony, and unity are values why families eat together. The tradition of eating together, I believe, is based on these values.


As we dine together as a family, 2-3 times a day, we are reminded to keep and cherish these values.

The challenge this week is for us to try and dine together keep the values of love, respect, harmony, and unity. And if dining together hinders the values mentioned above, then simply try respect, love, and harmony… until dining together in unity happens.


Father in Heaven, we thank you for the gift of family.

Thank you for the love, respect, harmony, and unity. And if there are times that we fall short of these, kindly grant us the grace to receive them in each and everyone’s hearts.

Bless my loves ones, oh Father. Bless each and every member of this family.

Protect them. Keep them safe. Give them good health. Grant them peace of mind and hope. And make them all productive.

This we ask through Jesus, our messiah. Amen.

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