Passage 87: God Provides for His Beloved

In vain do you get up early
and put off going to bed,
working hard to earn a living;
for he provides for his beloved,
even when they sleep.

Psalm 127:2 (CJB)
hard work


We often try to solve our problems before asking for God’s guidance. We turn to God only when we hit bottom.

I might be wrong. But that was who I was until I fell deep down the “septic vault.” (It is a metaphor. I think you get it.)

My personal experience has taught me that life has been more convenient and fulfilling since I started to seek God’s guidance first in everything.

This experience holds every time I am making decisions regarding money matters.

When financially hard up, seek God. When in abundance, seek God.

Everything good comes from him.

God provides for his children.


Take time to seek God’s guidance before making a decision. No matter how trivial or mundane it is.


Father in Heaven, forgive me for being so proud of my intellect. Bless me that I may consult you every step of the way. Send your Holy Spirit to guide me every step of the way. I pray in the name of Jesus, your son, and my savior. Amen.


Here is a beautiful lyrics from the song of Tamela Mann, God Provides.

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