God Answers Our Every Prayer

Isaiah 48: 17-19

The holy God of Israel, the Lord who saves you, says: “I am the Lord your God, the one who wants to teach you for your own good and direct you in the way you should go.

“If only you had listened to my commands! Then the blessings would have flowed for you like a stream that never goes dry! Victory would have come to you like the waves that roll on the shore.

Your descendants would be as numerous as grains of sand, and I would have made sure they were never destroyed.”


God knows best…

To claim God’s blessings, praying for good health and financial freedom is not enough. Ask and let God unfold the how of accomplishing your dreams and the how of solving your problems.

We often pray and ask God for help; but we seldom listen to how God wants us to respond to a given situation.

When we pray, God always answers. The question is: do we like his answer?

The person who walks in faith shall witness how opportunities unfold and how the ordinary can turn into a miracle.

The verses above are very striking; and I hear them as the following: I want to teach you for your own good and direct you in the way you should go. If only you had listened – blessings would have flowed for you even before you could ask, and fulfillment as your companion. My protection and providence would have been with you and your bloodline.

Can you pray with me?

Dear God, forgive me for the many times I’ve been stubborn. For the many times I’ve neglected to take heed of your word. For the many times I’ve lost faith and took matters into my own hands. Please forgive.

I now surrender this situation that I am in. I now surrender to you my concerns, my worries, my aspirations, my longings and dreams, my assets and my abilities. I surrender to you my life.

From now on, I would try my best to consult you for whatever decision I would make so that I may glorify you.

Lord God, I ask for peace of mind. I seek for serenity; and  long for your Love.

I know that your Love can fulfill my life more than any material blessing can ever will, Amen.

God knows best!