The Garden of Eden Found

Here is a very interesting video from which explains where the Garden of Eden is.  Jacob, in his video, has mentioned that the Garden of Eden is closer than you think.  There are many claims where the Garden of Eden is.  Some say it is in modern day Iraq.  Others say it is in Turkey.  For Jacob, he would like to give a deeper meaning to it.  However, he has a disclaimer that “he is not saying that there is no literal Garden of Eden.”  His purpose is just to show people the mystery within each and everyone of us.

In Genesis 2:8, “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there He put the man whom he had formed.”

Jacob explains that the literal meaning of the word, garden, is enclosure or covering.  The root word is to enclose or to cover; while the literal meaning of the word, Eden, is pleasure.  Therefore, the garden of Eden can mean the enclosure of pleasure.   Most importantly, he explains that the human body is the garden of Eden.  And that the tree of knowledge of good and evil is our nervous system, the brain.   The serpent hanging from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the reptilian brain aka the brain stem.  Our true identity, which is spirit and soul (mind), is placed inside this body (the garden of Eden, the enclosure of pleasure).


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My Personal Reflection

Jacob’s explanations might be far off for some.  Personally, I find his thoughts interesting and acceptable.  We can always view the scripture in many angles.  We can understand it looking internally, outwardly, or altogether.  The scripture can speak to us in many ways.  Life is too complex; and in that complexity, God can speaks to us in many ways.

What is important is how our understanding can bring us closer to God.

Watch the video below to get more of his explanations and comparisons between the human body and the garden of Eden: