Factors that Impede our Learning and Listening

Won’t you learn, won’t you listen?

What keeps you from learning?

Won’t you learn, won’t you listen?

What keeps you from listening?


Above is a short poem I created, begging the question why people can’t learn or listen.

I think there are two types of learning and listening:

  • The first is learning and listening with our intelligence; and
  • The second is a spirit filled learning and listening, which can only be achieved if we are filled by the spirit of YHWH.

Impediments to learning and listening with our intelligence

These are my reflections, notes, and understanding after listening to one of Kaim Ramsay’s video on how our learning and listening with our intelligence can be prevented.

Gerard Egan (1994)
Skilled Helper: Problem-Management and Opportunity-Development Approach to Helping

  • External Factors
    • There are always external factors that can impede our learning capability.
    • Ex. surrounding noises
  • Response Rehearsal
    • Response rehearsal happens from the inside in relation to what is happening in the outside.
    • This also impedes learning and listening.
    • Ex. While someone is explaining to you, you are already doing an internal rebuttal instead of trying to understand what he/she is saying.
  • Fact Finding
    • When people pays attention more on fact finding instead of gaining, this impedes learning and listening.
    • Understanding how to apply is more important than just the information regardless of the volume of information.
    • Ex. When one is focused on getting facts or proofs to support/prove the other person’s ideas instead of listening and gaining from the experience (regardless if factual).
  • Being Judgmental
    • How I present what I say does not change my intention.
    • Being judgmental assumes that the motive is bad.
    • How would you like being judged?
    • If you want to have a good relationship with others, give people the benefit of the doubt.
    • Ex. If you believe that you are better than the other person, you sometimes block yourself from learning and listening to him.
  • Problem Solving
    • Life coaching is not about problem solving.
    • It is about taking responsibility so you can be empowered.
    • It is not the role of the life coach to solve your problems.
    • The life coach is your companion while you solve your issues offering words of wisdom and support.
    • Ex. When all you want is to solve the other’s problems instead of really trying to listen and being there with the person.  Doing a solution becomes more important than being there with the person.
    • Try to think: Why are we called human beings, and not human doings?  Perhaps, to be truly human, being there for someone is more important than doing for someone.
  • Imposing Personal View
    • Personal views are just opinions.
    • Opinions are not necessarily true; they are opinions.
    • Opinions are nothing more but a medium of either the truth or ignorance.
    • Ex.  Your opinion about religion may be true or not… it is merely an opinion.  

Impediment to a spirit filled learning and listening

The worst impediment to learning and listening is our inability to accept that there is a power greater than us and, in fact, a power greater than any other power.  This impediment can also be called our pride.

To acknowledge this power is to open the threshold of our heart into accepting our humanity.  It paves the way for humility; and then repentance.    Repentance and humility can then empower you to listen and learn from Holy Spirit.