Expect for Blessings; Don’t Hope for Them

Have you tried ordering online?  

Scenario 1:

After ordering from an ecommerce shop, which you have not heard before, I am sure you’ll be hoping that the product would arrive.  There might be doubt and you’ll blame yourself along the way while waiting for the product to arrive.  But because you can’t find that product anywhere else, then you had to order and purchase it from that online shop. 

Scenario 2:

After ordering from a credible ecommerce shop, you’ll expect for the product to arrive soon.  It is not about hoping anymore.  It would be more of an active expectation.

When praying to the Father through His son Yeshua our Messiah (Jesus Christ), expect for the blessings to arrive.  Expect for the blessings because you are getting them from the source: from the creator of the universe, from the source of all goodness and love, from your loving Father.  Expect for the blessings because no matter how big or how impossible they may seem to be, they have been purchased by the blood of Yeshua the messiah (Jesus Christ).   If you believe in Yeshua and take him in your life as your messiah (savior) and Lord, then you’ll have unlimited access to blessings because he has purchased them all for you beforehand.  You only need to ask him for those blessings.

From there, the waiting becomes more exciting.  And if you continue doing this, everyday you’ll be expecting for blessings; and life would be more exciting.