Deuteronomy 13

I believe that there can be no world peace unless we can bring about the peace in Israel.  And to bring about one world religion is not about combining all the world’s religion into one, that is having said to have one god in many forms.

I used to believe it; not today.  There can only be One God… and He is the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac. He is YHWH, the Father of Yeshua.

How can we bridge the gap among religions then?  First of all, perhaps between Judaism and Christianity? If Christianity comes from Judaism, what prevents them from joining hands in Worship to one God?  And if Yeshua was a jew, why can’t jews not accept him?  The first disciples were jews, and they followed in numbers.  What happened along the way?

These questions can be best answered by 119 Ministries in their video deuteronomy 13.