Count Your Blessings

I am so blessed with love, good health, prosperity, friendship. and peace of mind. My secret is simply counting my blessings everyday from the moment I wake up till I close my eyes for a sleep.

Count your blessings. And count them from your heart. Count your blessings and feel the joy and the gratitude while counting your blessings.

And this secret is not intended to be kept, but to be shared.

Try this for three months everyday. Count your blessings Count every small and big blessings you have. Blessings like your eyes or sight, blessings like your fingers, and skills to great and miraculous blessings. Count them all – the blessings in the past, and the blessings at present. And even try to thank you for the blessings you feel you are to receive in the future. Or thank you in advance with your heart for the blessings you are to receive in the future.

Count your blessings. And I guarantee you great results. This method has been tested time and again in my family. From my mother passed down to us, to my children, and now to you.

Count your blessings.