Change the Way We Pray and We’ll Soon Realize and Receive more Blessings

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By: fourbyfourblazer

Before you reading about changing the way we pray, perhaps it might be better to know how I view prayer.

Prayer is not just kneeling on your altar, prayer is not just being alone with the bible reading them and praising God.

Prayer can be walking your garden while thanking God for the flowers. Prayer can be sitting and watching a very beautiful video while thanking the source of all this comfort and relaxation. Prayer can even be on a deathbed thanking for the short passing life.

Prayer can also be in silence – a total surrender to the one who make all things beautiful in life. Prayer can also be the time you spent happily with your children; acknowledging the greatness of the source of life. Prayer can be singing a song while driving a car thanking God for the beauty of life.

Prayer can be when you are in love with someone and shouting thank you God with a leap. Prayer can be everything you can think of for a blessing in your life.

Those are just few of the examples of how I look at prayer. Perhaps now we can move on.

What should we change in the way we pray?

  1. I found this a big help. With this type of prayer, you can diminish your cares. Daily prayers spent thanking God for all the graces you receive can diminish your cares. It can lead you to a new horizon of blessings.
  2. Prayer of gratitude to life is very powerful. It can multiply the graces in your life more than you can imagine.

How do we change the way we pray?

  1. First is awareness – let us be aware before we sleep and when we wake up that we ought to thank God for all the blessings we receive during the day – and in our life time in general.
  • To really grasp the power of gratitude in prayer – think of the small not so important things in your life. These not so important to you might just be your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your hands, your feet, your legs. See what I mean – we often forgot thanking God about these not so important physical attributes and features we have. We think these prayers are just for children. What if we don’t have eyes for our sight? what would you think? Thank God for the little cares we have – things we often neglected. Like the love and attention we get from someone or a family. The work and the opportunity to earn a living. Thank god for these blessings – thank God for all the blessings you can think of. Real gratitude is measured not on the biggest of all blessings; but on the thankfulness of the “little” we have.

Why should we change our prayer to gratitude?

Simple because as God loves a cheerful giver; he also loves thankful believer. Well — it is our gratitude that open doors and windows to more blessings in life. As quantum physicist say: the world needs a mind to exist and matter works according to the observer’s mind.

We are the observers and if we are happy with all these blessings, then we open doors and windows to more blessings – bountiful blessings.