Many Brits are looking to faith during the coronavirus lockdown

Psalms 119:9-11 Verse of the Day

New studies are suggesting that a large number of British citizens are turning to faith and religion during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. More and more young people are turning to prayer, with people praying for healthcare and front-line workers, loved ones, and even other countries. In addition, people are attending remote services while social distancing, … Read more

The Book of Revelation


There is a lot of turmoil in the world today, and some think that this might mean we are going through the times described in the Book of Revelation. It might be the Seven Year Tribulaton as described in the Book, and the Church might be entering those times right now. If you are confused, … Read more

Experts Recommend Practicing Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness to Manage Stress

Bible Shalom101

A new study has suggested that practicing meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can help to reduce your stress levels. It suggests adding these practices to treatment plans for stress-related illnesses and conditions, or practicing them to reduce stress associated with the current coronavirus pandemic. This idea of mind-body medicine is not new, and is employed at … Read more