Bountiful Blessings

yellow sunflower and red apple fruits on green table

Bountiful blessings is never far away from a person who believes. For the one who keeps to heart the thought and feeling of bountiful blessings. Then bountiful blessings it will be for the person. My life has been filled with wonders from day I was conceived till this day I am writing this post. Not … Read more

Count Your Blessings

I am so blessed with love, good health, prosperity, friendship. and peace of mind. My secret is simply counting my blessings everyday from the moment I wake up till I close my eyes for a sleep. Count your blessings. And count them from your heart. Count your blessings and feel the joy and the gratitude … Read more

Count Your Blessings, Then Count for More Blessings

This is a site where it offers steps in counting blessings,, Check out the site and know how they count blessings. This might sound simple for a tast – gratefulness; but it may be something we often neglect to do.

  • Counting our blessings – is being grateful to every details and blessing in our life
  • Being grateful – is opening new doors for new opportunities and blessings
  • Accept blessings opportunites – Accepting these blessings and opportunites widens the door for many more opportunities to arrive


Who amongst us do no not wish for blessings? Whatever creed, religion, race, nationality – we wish for blessings. We do not join a group or a club or a faith community just to suffer. We wish for blessings! We may agree or not or say that we are self-centered that blessings are what we … Read more