Call upon the Lord in the Day of Trouble

Today’s sharing emphasizes the importance of seeking God’s help during difficult times. It means that when we’re facing challenges, trials, or any form of trouble, we should turn to God for guidance, support, and strength.

And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.”

Psalms 50:15 (KJV)

The verse above implies that God is always ready to hear the prayers of those who seek him, especially during their times of need.

Therefore, “Call upon the Lord in the Day of Trouble” is an encouragement for people to have faith and trust in God’s power to rescue them from any difficult situation. It also reminds us that we should not rely on our strength or resources alone, but rather seek God’s help and depend on him to provide for us.


Father in Heaven, our days are troubled. We are in trouble.

We call upon you today, oh Father, to protect us and guide us.

Provide for us, Father, and empower us so that we may do what is right, just, and according to your will.

Forgive us our sins, oh Father. Show your mercy upon us.

Bless our loved ones, Father. Protect them and provide for them.

Keep them in good health and take care of them.

Father, we are in trouble.. The world is in trouble.

Send your holy spirit to guide us.

This I pray in the name of your son Jesus, who is our king and saviour. Amen.

Challenge for the week

Call upon God in the name of Jesus everytime you feel troubled. Don’t carry your troubles on your own.

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