Who amongst us do no not wish for blessings?

Whatever creed, religion, race, nationality – we wish for blessings. We do not join a group or a club or a faith community just to suffer.

We wish for blessings!

We may agree or not or say that we are self-centered that blessings are what we wish and not God.

Well – human as we are that might be it.

But mind you – God, the Creator, can never be apart from blessings. He is the source of all blessings. In fact, he is the ultimate real blessing in life.

Whether you will agree or not, it is my faith – that if you believe in God – you believe in blessings.

If you want God to work in your life, then you want blessings to work in your life.

The sad thing is – because we are free – we can abuse the blessings in our life. As we can also abuse the goodness of God in our lives.

So let us be blessed. And journey together in this world and life – full of blessings.