Blessings Unlimited

flower a blessing
By: Easa Shamih

If we believe in the greatness of God, and if we believe on God as the source of all abundance, good health, love, peace, and everything that is good which we can think of – then there is no limit to blessings.

The only time we can really be blessed abundantly is the time when we live and believe and know that there is such thing as Blessings Unlimited.

Perhaps it is like going to a Filipino restaurant offering rice all-you-can. Once there, you believe and know that you can eat all the rice you can. Without actually questioning if you can have all the rice you can. You simply enter this restaurant and have all the rice you can – knowing that you can because it is.

Same with our life, if we believe that we can all the good health, or complete healing, or all the love and peace, or all blessings – then you will have them.

And this is what might just be – blessings unlimited.