Passage 71: Are You Stuck in a Situation Where You Think You Couldn’t Get Out?


33 I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

~ John 16:33

Have you been questioning your current situation, that no matter what you do, it seems you are stuck in it? That no matter how you work, you’re still in debt? That no matter how you love and understand, you still face infidelity or pain in relationships? That no matter how you exercise and diet, you still feel ill? In the end, you feel like you hit bottom, and there is no way out for you.

Rejoice for times like these will make it easier for you to seek God. Rejoice in situations like these. They will make it easier for you to surrender your life to God. Rejoice, for then it will be easier to follow the Will of God for you, which is the best for you.

For when we are glad and financially wealthy, we forget about God. For when we are in love, we fail to listen to the times and God’s guidance. When we feel great, we think we are invincible (but then we are close to death).

If you are in tribulation in this world, rejoice. You can have peace in Jesus Christ despite your situation. Take heart, Jesus (our King and Saviour) has overcome the world. It is just a matter of time.

Take heart in Jesus. There is true peace and eternal life. 

Be at peace in Jesus, and you will see the many opportunities and ways of getting out of your situation. When you are confused and hurt, you can only fumble in the dark. When you are at peace, things are as clear as day.


Father in Heaven, we pray in the name of Jesus to grant us peace. Grant us peace of mind despite the turmoil surrounding us. 

Grant us your protection and provide for us against the hidden schemes the enemy has been doing against your people.

We pray that you will grant us protection, providence, and peace of mind despite our situation. Amen.


  • Spend 3-7 minutes a day during the week finding the peace that comes in Jesus Christ.
  • You can start by doing the following:
    • Go into a quiet place (room) alone. 
    • Close your eyes either by sitting or lying down.
    • Surrender your life to God, including all your troubles or worries.
    • Ask forgiveness from God for every person or situation you hurt, including that of hurting yourself.
    • Forgive others for hurting you.
    • In the name of Jesus, ask God to send you His Holy Spirit and grant you His peace.
    • Embrace that peace and take it with you throughout the day.

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