Are You in Search of Meaning and Purpose in Life?

You are not your action. You are your being.

You are not what you do. You are the being that drives the action that you do.

And I know, like everyone else, you are always in search of meaning and purpose in life.

If you are not, why do you get bored? Why do you get frustrated? Why do you have dreams and ambitions?

Through introspection, by browsing through the inner pages of your heart and soul, you search for that meaning and purpose in life.

And when you find that purpose and meaning in life, regardless of how passionate you are, fulfillment comes only after you’ve shared that purpose with at least someone else.

This is perhaps why man and woman are joined together to love and take care of each other.

How boring would it be for a woman and man to live alone separately from one another? How dull would your accomplishments be without anyone to share that feeling of triumph and joy with. How devastating would it be to face all life’s challenges without someone to carry the burden with.

What is your passion in life?

Is it cooking? Baking? Gardening? Storytelling? Reading? Writing?

What is your passion? Deep inside that passion is the meaning and purpose you’ve been seeking in life.

Passion is simply the spark, the fire, the smoke, and the act of keeping that fire burning.

That meaning and purpose in life is the fuel.

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