Altering the Way We Act

Altering the Way We Act is very important to attaining all these blessings. As  mentioned in one of the pages of this site, spirituality is our response to reality. That is our response to a given situation. How we deal with the circumstances; and how we use the talents, skill, and knowledge that we have to cope up or respond to the reality at hand.

In a way, altering the way we act can only be fully accomplished when we alter our inner power and engines. That is altering the way we think and feel. Altering the way we act can be executed very well when what we think and feel coincides to what we have to act upon and how we have to act on a situation.

If our mind nor our feeling does not walk hand in hand with how we ought to respond in a situation, then we would be dragging ourselves and eventually lose the motivation to receive blessings.

An example would be something like this:

Jake is a dad of three girls, who is now in his mid-age. He has been jobless for more than 3 year now after being retrenched from the company where he worked for 10 years. He has been doing errands for a certain neighbor just to get a tip to have something for the day. At many occasions, he would by a lottery ticket hoping to hit the gold pot in the future.

Jake has been praying, wishing, hoping to find a job to support his family. His wife is a salesgirl in one of the local convenient stores in town.

Finally, another neighbor has invited him to attend a training and seminar for free sponsored by a company known to send workers abroad.

Jake first of all never felt happy of the training and seminar. As a result he dragged himself to the seminar in the morning and went home during the lunch break. He did not attend the training in the afternoon.

Jake and his wife had a talk later in the evening; and Jake expressed the seminar was boring. He never could believe that a company would give something for free like that seminar to help anyone working abroad.

Three months later, that same neighbor who brought him to that seminar went abroad for work. Today, the neighbor has moved to a bigger house and bought his brand new car.

What hindered Jake to achieve this blessings. His line of thinking was not so hopeful. He was not anticipating any positive outcome of the training. Second, his vibration or feeling was not attracting blessings. He was closing himself from them.