3 Things Kids Need Right Now during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it an unprecedented time, with everyone forced to quarantine at home. This is having a large effect on children and their internal worlds. At the beginning, younger kids especially were enjoying this time off to spend with their families. Later, anxiety levels in children are lower, but kids are unhappier because they want to be able to see their friends. To manage their grief, kids need to be able to talk with their friends and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many presumed that children and adolescents would have a spike in anxiety during this pandemic, but with parents being home to engage in family-oriented, familiar activities, anxiety isn’t too bad.
  • Kids that are under the age of twelve have reported that they are really enjoying being home with their loved ones.
  • Once week three approached, teenagers were reporting that they have become bored, and they find themselves feeling restless.

“For years, we have said, that the voices of adults gets quieter in the lives of adolescents, while the voices of their peers get much louder. For many teens, peers are one of their primary coping mechanisms.”

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