3 Reasons Gratitude Is a Powerful Antidote to Coronavirus Stress

The coronavirus is a huge health problem that has also taken many peoples’ livelihoods, causing a large amount of stress in all aspects of life. You might think that gratitude is powerless against it, but gratitude can actually be helpful. The bible suggests gratitude in times like these, and it can have health benefits such as improving your sleep. Here are three reasons why you should be practicing gratitude even during these trying times of pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bible mentions several people such as David who continue to praise the Lord, even when they are met with hard times.
  • It is important to acknowledge the small things throughout your life that call for gratitude, even if you don’t always notice them.
  • Harvard has reported that continually showing gratitude can improve a person’s interpersonal relationships and workplace motivation.

“During this time, we may feel tempted to wave our fist at the sky and ask God why he hasn’t intervened and why he can’t improve our present circumstances.”

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